A Zebra is

… a real, imperfect but important animal in the ecosystem of other animals. They don’t have to be magical or cookie-cutter, they just have to have a strong mission and a goal to move with their community from point A to point B.

Two ends of the spectrum: A broken status quo

There are two primary messages out there:

A Zebra is…

… rare and wild. It’s an undomesticable animal that is unique and searches for a way to survive in a world in which their habitat is seriously jeopardized.

Douglas’ vision for the future

Call me a pessimist…

A Zebra is…

… a beneficial, kind and community-centric company that prioritizes societal welfare alongside profits.

What’s wrong with the status quo?

There are a number of things that I’ve discovered along the way and each learning has informed much of my own journey, ultimately leading me to Zebras Unite.

Amam Ventures’ Managing Partners: Tamara Abdel-Jaber, Fida Taher, Jenny Atout Ahlzen

Anika Horn

Ecosystem builder for social change. Founder at www.socialventurers.com Meet me over at www.anikahorn.com for all things social enterprise!

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