• Lily Chong

    Lily Chong

    For Social Enterprise

  • Jeannette Balleza Collins

    Jeannette Balleza Collins

    JBC. Cofounder, deadfred.com, tonic.vc. Consultant. Marketer, mentor, investor, community organizer, grower of philanthropy. Mom. @netscribe

  • Brandon Lewis

    Brandon Lewis

    Husband, Father, Bicyclist, Coffee Drinker, Story teller, Designer, Problem solver • Design Lead and Cofounder @ BLDR ~ http://startwithbldr.com/

  • Meghan Tumolo

    Meghan Tumolo

  • Lon Reed

    Lon Reed

  • Carlos Sanchez

    Carlos Sanchez

  • We Walk the Line CIC

    We Walk the Line CIC

    Coffee tastes better when it changes lives. The original Social Enterprise that employ, train & mentor people who need a second chance to be their own boss

  • Jennifer Corcoran Ford

    Jennifer Corcoran Ford

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